Astrology Constellation Guide:
Marian Michaels


I believe that "well-being" comes from "within" through an awareness of one's astrological patterns, nutrition, and the willingness to explore one's personal wisdom.

Marian Michaels - Astrology Constellation Guide, was born in New York City. Her early education includes a background in teh Arts, primarily focused in the areas of theatre and classical music. Marian's interest in metaphysics has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember and has led her on many physical and psychic journeys. These journeys included travels through Colorado, where, in addition to her metaphysical consultation work, she co-hosted a Public Radio show featuring astrology, satire, and health and fitness segments.

Marian began her career as a professional astrologer in 1980 and has taught workshops in healing and Medical Astrology. She is a lifestyle consultant for many in the entertainment industry. Marian is also the founder and director of Luna Research Services, a company she founded to lend credibility and authenticity through phenomena research in metaphysically related media projects. She is the author of The Urban Lightworker, a new millennial column, and is a writer of alternative, occult related articles, and screenplays.

Since relocating to Los Angeles in 1983, she counsels clients, utilizing the ancient arts of astrology, numerology, and tarot (with an emphasis on humanistic psychology). Marian also integrates her ongoing studies of metaphysics with her creative writing: a combination that further enhances her visionary work. Marian resides in Santa Monica with her son Urbyn, and where she is also "mothering" a metaphysical sitcom.

Satellite Criteria :
In choosing satellites I look for websites that feature practical tools to no nonsense astrological information.
Personal Practice:
I keep my mind sharp by meditation daily on the energetics of the current planeary configurations and patterns. I keep my body grounded through excercise, nutrition and by just being a single mom!
Contact Information:



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