Bodywork Constellation Guide:
Brendan McCall


The body should be fluid like water without emotional dams.

Brendan McCall - is a dance artist and Licensed Massage Therapist living in New York City. He is one of three instructors in the world of Allen Wayne work, an experiential placement technique synthesizing ballet, yoga, and bioenergetics, which he has taught to various students ages 4-61 since 1993.

Brendan has been on the faculty of New York Univesity's Tisch School of the Arts since 1996 and is a Resident Master Teacher with the Holderness Theater Company. Brendan received his certification in massage therapy from the Swedish Institute in 1997 and is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.

Satellite Criteria:
Since I am an educator, the websites in the Bodywork Constellation have a considerable amount of information on classes as well as practitioners.
Personal Practice:
Sadhna, meditation and Kundalini Yoga practice, 4a.m. Vegetarian. Teacher. Massage Therapist. Choreographer.
Contact Information:



Teaching, Chatroom, and Consultation Schedule







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