WeBreathe envisions all authentic Holistic Health and Spiritual languages and practices as different rays within the universal spectrum of light. This light emerges from the stars and travels endlessly from galaxy to galaxy to connect the Universe as it passes through this small, breathing planet. The great teachers translate this light to the students of each age and culture through specific languages and practices. Through learning these languages and practices, the students can become their own teachers and sources of light.

Each ray of light thus emerges from the same source with a different path towards the same goal: to become a source of light. WeBreathe is the prism that fuses these rich and distinct rays together without diluting or diffusing them. It preserves their original essence by serving them individually while offering the full spectrum to realize the source and goal they share.

The Internet is the unique medium that enables the Earth's rays of light to converge into a more univeral spectrum as the dots of light (.com, .org, .net...). WeBreathe enables the dots of light to shine through all the darkness that separates them in an Internet Universe fragmented by misleading information.

WeBreathe's rule for the Information Revolution is: Information Technology creates Information Overload which necessitates Information Management.

WeBreathe's mission is to use the Internet to manage information and optimize exchange for teachers and students, providers and consumers of authentic Holistic Health and Spiritual practices. WeBreathe is part of a greater mission to restore balance to a fragmented planet.


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