Originating from New York City and growing virtually in all directions, weBreathe has been built from the ground up by a unique and talented team of 24 eBusiness, technology, holistic health and spiritual experts. This Team leverages the combined knowledge of the Internet medium AND the Holistic Health and Spirituality marketspace, fusing the wisdom of ancient and modern worlds to create a future filled with pure air and light.

The Team is made up of four dynamic entities that work together to achieve Breathe's mission based on the spirit of optimization (quality over quantity).



Sharon Sharrett
Sharon is the figurehead of Breathe's credibility and relationships within the Holistic Health and Spirituality marketspace. For the past 30 years Sharon has developed a comprehensive health care background with work as a Registered Nurse, Family Counselor, Clinical Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She currently organizes educational programs in Ayurveda and Phytotherapy, distributes her own product line of herbs, and practices her own integrated health system with clients across the U.S.. Sharon founded Breathe, Inc. as a way to leverage her unique health care expertise and her relationships with respected Holistic Health practitioners and institutions online.

Amir Hasson
As Breathe's President, Amir brings together an integrated understanding of Breathe's three core functions: Internet technology; Internet business and marketing; and the Holistic Health and Spirituality marketspace. Amir was responsible for online marketing and business development at Pseudo Programs as the Director of Community. While at Pseudo, Hasson also co-founded SpiriTV, a Net-TV channel for Holistic Health and Spirituality. Amir's Internet experience ranges from electronic 'zine and CD-ROM development to online marketing and eBusiness modeling. Amir's entrepreneurial experience began as a distributor of Holistic Health products for CellTech at the age of seventeen.

Vanessa Weinberg (Kudrat Kaur)
For the past fourteen years, Vanessa has operated a business designing sound and video for theater, dance, film, radio and television. In 1996 Vanessa began Producing and Directing Net-TV programming for Pseudo Programs. and the Razorfish SubNetwork. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Vanessa teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and offers workshops to corporations generating group productivity through clarity of mind. She has been a student of Yoga for more than 10 years and has also studied with practitioners of Biodynamic Farming, Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Shiatsu, Body Mind Centering, Sat Nam Rasayan, and the Alexander Technique. As Vice President, Vanessa plays an integral role in developing Breathe's vision and mission, managing Breathe's Strategic Satellite Partner development, Constellation Guides, interface design, and database administration.

Larry Lux
With several years of management experience within the Internet Industry, Larry Lux is one of the few veteran Internet executives. He was the Managing Director of National Geographic Interactive, which, under his direction, became known as one of the first major offline media brands to take advantage of the Internet as a business medium. Larry served as the CEO at Pseudo Programs, where he raised $18 million from leading venture firms, recruited over 120 employees, and established strategic partnerships with players such as Intel and the NFL. Currently, Larry is the CEO at SuddenIndustries (formerly Pushmedia), which specializes in producing high-bandwidth entertainment for Internet and cable distribution. Larry has joined the Breathe team to leverage his extensive connections to capital and talent as well as his expertise in guiding start-ups into the big leagues.

Harrith Hasson
Dr. Hasson is one of the most distinguished doctors of Obstetrics & Gynecology in the world today. He was one of the pioneers of laporoscopic surgery during the 1970's and has invented several related medical devices. He founded the Society for the Advancement of Contraception (SAC), an international organization dedicated to raising contraception standards. He has published 47 articles in medical journals, produced 27 videos, and lectured throughout the world. Dr. Hasson financed Breathe's seed capital round and serves as Treasurer of the Board to provide operational counsel and oversee fiscal activity. Going forward, Dr. Hasson will play a critical role in linking weBreathe into the Western Medical community.


Barbara Lilly
Barbara is an eCommunications consultant from Portland, OR, with over 20 years of marketing, advertising, journalism, public relations, television, and corporate sales experience. She spent four years with Kenyon and Eckhardt, Chrysler's ad agency under Lee Iacocca, three years at J. Walter Thompson, and five years in sales and marketing in public television. For the past 15 years Barbara has explored and written about how spiritual health and whole systems theories create more productive and balanced organizations. In 1994, she created Lillywing Communications to help small businesses and executives identify and package their ideas with cutting-edge communications techniques. Barbara has played an integral role developing Breathe's marketing strategy, branding, and promotional materials.

Derek Keller
With a diverse international business background in eCommerce, trade and banking, financial services, corporate sales, and not-for-profit industries, Derek joined the team to develop Breathe's Business Plan and eCommerce model. As a member of Ernst and Young's eCommerce practice, Derek has assisted clients with their Internet strategies, specifically with eCRM (Customer Relationship Management) and eFulfillment. Derek has also worked with Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart and Citibank in the Dominican Republic developing technology solutions for knowledge management and transaction processing respectively. Derek has acted as Breathe's eCommerce consultant, leveraging his knowledge of end-to-end eCommerce solutions to advance and refine weBreathe's eCommerce strategy and revenue model.

Morgan Simonson
With a background in Internet advertising at WiseAds.com and investment banking experience at Sands Brothers, LTD., Simonson has joined the Breathe Team to help develop the Business Plan and advertising/sponsorships revenue strategies.


Carl Bentley
Carl has a diverse professional background in various facets of Internet technology development and management. He served as a Senior Systems Administrator at US Web and as a Systems Engineer at CNN. He also worked as a Technical Advisor for Candide Media Works to create a network in the Moroccan desert that communicated via Satellite with headquarters in San Francisco. As Breathe's Technology Consultant, Carl has managed the technical development of the weBreathe Prototype as well as Breathe's technical plans and requirements for each Phase of weBreathe's evolution.

Lana Coronado
Lana has fourteen years of experience working in high-pressure, leading-edge technology environments of large corporate institutions such as CNN, Merrill Lynch, and CS First Boston. With a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, success at launching three other start-ups, and fluency in most programming languages, Lana brings a broad and deep skill set to the Breathe Team as well as a passion for using technology for holistic purposes.

Jimmy (Bruno) Coronado
Carl's prodigy, Bruno is weBreathe's self-taught, one-man progamming army. Versed in the some of the most sophisticated hardware and software languages available on the Web today. Bruno has single-handedly developed the back-end database development for weBreathe under Carl's direction. If he continues to learn at this pace, better watch out Microsoft!


Jonas Goldstein
Goldstein has five years of experience in professional Web Design and Web Development. He is the founder and creative director for Repurpose.net, which provides progressive content and design solutions in the areas where information, entertainment, and technology converge. He also worked as the Technical Director for Root and Creative Director for Pseudo Programs, Inc. As Breathe's Interface Consultant, Goldstein has assisted in developing weBreathe's information architecture and interface templates.

Jesse Ferraro
Jesse is both a talented graphic artist and website developer. He has studied several artistic mediums and has developed a rich understanding of digital tools to process his creativity online. Jesse is currently in a highly-selective academic program for Internet design and technology through which he also generates materials for Breathe. Jesse's technical background combined with his experience as a student of several Holistic Health and Spiritual practices gives him the unique sensibility to integrate the weBreathe brand into design assets.


Noah DeGaetano
Noah has experience in both Holistic Health and Western Medicine practices. He has worked at the Omega Institutešs Holistic Studies Department, at the research hospital of the National Institutes of Health, and at the Rosenthal Center for Altarnative and Complementary Medicine at Columbia. Noah spent four months in the East studying at The Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute in Dharamsala, India under the direction of Dr. Lobsang Tsultrim and Dr. Tsering Takchoe Drungsto. Currently, Noah is in a pre-Medical school program at Baruch College and has joined the Breathe team to develop content and relationships.

Angela Starks
Angela is a certified nutritionist and has served as a customer nutrition advisor for health food stores. She has also managed promotions for an environmental charity and developed Web content at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London. She has participated in numerous workshops in anatomy, physiology, detoxification, shiatsu and yoga. Currently she is a writer, researcher, and editorial assistant at Satya magazine in New York, covering a broad range of environmental, social and vegetarian issues. She has joined the Breathe team to develop content and relationships.

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