Published by CJ on 4th Aug 2020

Are you concerned about your exposure to urban air pollution but you think that a face mask causes discomfort and does not look good on you? 

Read on below to learn how this new anti-air pollution scarf can help you fight air pollution in style.

What is wrong with using face masks?

Air pollution has long been a major public health threat. Increasing public awareness on the harmful air pollutants we breathe outdoors led to the idea of using face masks for protection.With the current emergence of Covid 19, more people were compelled to use face masks more than ever.

However, some of us find discomfort when using face masks. First, prolonged use of mask can irritate sensitive skin. Second, face mask looped around the ears can cause blistering of the skin behind the ears due to friction. Third, some people just don’t like how they look in a face mask.

If these issues bother you, then you should consider an anti-air pollution scarf as an alternative way of protecting yourself from air pollution.

What are the benefits of an anti-air pollution scarf?

Health protection

An anti-air pollution scarf is a tube scarf that covers the nose and mouth. It has a built-in nanofiber filter that effectively filters harmful air pollutants such as fine particulates, dust, virus and bacteria. Anti-air pollution scarves normally come with an adjustable nose strip. A rear cord provides a good fit for any face size, ensuring that air leaks will be minimal.


Unlike face masks, that can slide down when you move or talk, a scarf stays in place better. Hence, an anti-air pollution scarf is ideal whether your sitting inside an airplane or actively cycling or jogging.The scarf also save your ears from blistering. Furthermore, nanofiber filter exhibits excellent breathability.

Functionality meets fashion

Keeping yourself protected from air pollution doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style. An anti-air pollution scarf functions like your ordinary scarf. Wear it around your neck for warmth, sun protection and as fashion accessory.You can choose from different designs and colors to suit your style.

The hidden layer of nanofiber filter gives anti-air pollution scarves the added functionality of filtering 99.9% of particulates and 99.7% of virus and bacteria from the air you breathe. Never again be held down by the stigma associated with wearing face masks.Go ahead and protect yourself with an anti-air pollution scarf even when you’re in public spaces.


Unlike disposable face masks, anti-air pollution scarves are durable and washable. Therefore, these are not only more economical but are also more environment-friendly alternatives to single-use masks.The scarves can be used over and over again for many months and hundreds of hours of use. Thus, you divert disposable masks from the landfill or the ocean each time you reuse your scarf.

But how is filtration efficiency affected by multiple washing? Based on a published study on the American Chemical Society Public Health Emergency Collection, nanofiber filter had a very consistent filtration efficiency at 97-99% even after multiple cleaning with ethanol.

In addition, the study showed that nanofiber filter did not show any cytotoxicity to tested human cells. This means that nanofiber filter is not likely to cause skin irritation.

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